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LAP-BAND® Surgery at Ehrlich Bariatrics

Lap Band Surgery The adjustable gastric banding system can help with weight loss by restricting the amount of food patients can eat and helping to control their hunger. At our clinic in Shelton, CT, Dr. Ehrlich alone has placed over 1000 gastric bands. Learn more about LAP-BAND® surgery by registering for a free bariatric surgery seminar and to learn how you can achieve weight loss success through surgery and effective weight loss programs at Ehrlich Bariatrics.

Gastric Bypass Surgery at Ehrlich Bariatrics

Gastric Bypass Surgery Gastric bypass is the most common weight loss surgery performed at our clinic and considered the gold standard procedure among physicians. This bariatric surgery induces weight loss by allowing the patient to eat lets and absorb fewer calories. Learn more about gastric bypass surgery at Ehrlich Bariatrics Register for a free bariatric surgery seminar to learn more about the procedures and the weight loss programs we offer at Ehrlich Bariatrics in Shelton, CT.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery at Ehrlich Bariatrics

Gastric Bypass Surgery Gastric sleeve surgery is an increasingly popular method for treating obesity. During surgery, Dr. Ehrlich will remove a portion of the stomach pouch, which reduces the patient's stomach size and helps to control portions. Over 2500 patients have found weight loss success at Ehrlich Bariatrics. Discover more about gastric sleeve surgery and additional weight loss programs offered at Ehrlich Bariatrics by registering for a free bariatric surgery seminar at our Shelton, CT office.

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